• Gadgets
    Creative cuts and brilliant decorations.This collection collects simple leotards but very catchy.The leotard is exactly as you can see on the website.It is not editable in colour, fabric or pattern.For gym clubs and for those who require large quantities we recommend that you request an estimate with estimated production time.
  • Bags
    PASTORELLI has created brand new gym bags to go to the gym but also for your free time. Vivid and contrasting colours to combine fashion and functionality. The gym bags can contain all your equipments except for the hoop. The handy pockets closed by zippers allow you to share and keep in order all your items. If interested, Sports Companies can ask for a quote to print their own sports company logo (time and cost of delivery will be those indicated in the pro-forma invoice).
  • Famale Customized Leotards
    A vast range of leotard models come true through patterns, shades, rays and contrasting colours.From the sketch to the computer graphics our designers have been taking care, step after step, of every single model keeping a particular attention to the fabric colours and shades. Finally the dressmakers have closed the production cycle composing the fabrics accurately.You can use your fantasy to modify your leotard colours, its cut and the position of the lycra applications.Rhinestones make each model as a unique piece of art. They are applied thanks to the use of a professional ultrasound machine, they can be either Swarovskys or first choice rhinestones in different colours and sizes, giving an extraordinary brightness and lighting up a different part of it every time you wear it.Create your own leoatard: each model, each shade, each nuance created by you can be realized thanks to our careful and exceptionally patient way of producing everything we love!
  • Body Personalizzati Maschili
    Linea di body maschile.Linee pulite ma decise, stampe digitali e inserti per creare le geometrie che corrono intorno al body.
  • Women's Grips
  • Men's Grips
  • Gym Training Weight Lifting Wrist Supports for...
    Very comfortable! 50 % time saving for each training session!! Complete kit consists of:a pair of plastic cylinders to wrap the bar, white leather belts, strep wrist straps, adhesive roll to cover the plastic.
  • Magnesium Chalk
    Pure magnesium carbonate! Guaranteed against allergies!!
  • Artistic Gymnastic Shoes
  • Cosmetics
    In this section you will find everything you need for your hairstyle: hair clips, hair-ties with sequins, glitters, rhinestones and many other items including star dust both for your eyes and hair.You will also find makeup tools and hair brushes.Everything you need to look great both on the carpet and in your daily life!
  • Softwares, Books and CDs
    All softwares , books and CDs related to the sport of artistic gymnastics!We are trying to develop this section with the aim of creating an interchange and knowledge of works dedicated to the Artistic Gymnastics: help us too proposing material that may be disclosed and best known of this wonderful sport!!
  • Sport Wristbands
    PASTORELLI offers you various models of wristbands to satisfy your needs.
  • Safety Equipment
  • PASTORELLI Fashion
    In this area you can find clothing items thought and devoted to rhythmic, artistic gymnastics and dance.Specific items for training and competitions....items which make everything more exciting!
  • Stationary
    Items for school designed and realized by PASTORELLI SPORT to take your favourite sport on your school desk!
  • Pastorelli MENSWEAR
    Menswear line.

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BLACK Techno Gym Jacket - Size10

Price €38.00

Jacket in technical fabric, zipper front, long sleeves.The sizes on the website are for information only and they reflect the normotype measures. Composition: 80% polyamide 20% elastane

SWING elastic hair band - Light Blue

Price €4.00

Elastic hair band made of Light blue lurex fabric

HIGH BAR Olympic Grips, Size 1

Price €40.00

Measure the length of your hand from the middle of the first phalanx of your middle finger to the first crease of your wrist; this length corresponds to the height of the grips as shown in the picture.The length which corresponds to size 1 is 110 mm.

Vanessa Petrolio Taglia 10

Price €40.00

Smanicato in lurex petrolio con finitura nel girocollo e nel giromanica in lurex arancio.Per una maggiore sicurezza vi invitiamo a controllare le misure con la nostra tabella trova taglia.


Price €0.00

Long, two-coloured sleeves. Bracket-cut which outlines the two coloured areas. The rhinestones, like fireworks, go off the cut in a sparkling dance.

Quaderno PASTORELLI Linea FREEDOM con PARALLELE Quadretti 4 MM Senza Margine ( 4F )

Price €2.50

Quadernone a punto metallico, in formato a4 da 40 fogli, copertina da 200 g/mq e carta da 80 g/mq.Ottimo come idee regalo......Il tuo sport preferito ti accompagna anche a scuola!

Portachiavi PARACALLO in Stoffa BLU

Price €5.00

Portachiavi miniparacallo in stoffa , da utilizzare chiuso o aperto come più ti piace!

Betta Nero Taglia 10

Price €50.00

Body in lycra nera con maniche taglio raglan in lurex azzurro con piccola impietratura sul davanti.Per una maggiore sicurezza vi invitiamo a controllare le misure con la nostra tabella trova taglia.

Black Techno Gym Trousers - Size 10

Price €24.00

Trousers in technical fabric.The sizes on the website are for information only and they reflect the normotype measures. Composition 80% polyamide 20% elastane

Maglia in cmicrofibra manica corta con scollo a BARCA Bianca tg 10

Price €14.00

Maglia in cotone , scollo a barca, paricollo nel davanti e manica corta, morbida e aderente ai tuoi movimenti.Le taglie segnate sono a titolo indicativo e rispecchiano le misure normotipo. Composizione tessuto: POLIESTERE e POLIAMMIDE.< IL PREZZO È RELATIVO ALLA MAGLIA >

BLACK Cotton Leg high-cut shorts - Size 10

Price €19.00

Leg high-cut shorts in brushed-back cotton.To complete your outfit you can match your shorts with our tops or racerbacks.The sizes on the website are for information only and they reflect the normotype measures. 

Stirrup WHITE Pants - Size 10

Price €26.00

Stirrup pants in lycra with elastic waistband and pants-folding topstiching.