In this section you will find everything you need for your hairstyle: hair clips, hair-ties with sequins, glitters, rhinestones and many other items including star dust both for your eyes and hair.You will also find makeup tools and hair brushes.Everything you need to look great both on the carpet and in your daily life!



  • Hair clips with elements made of sequins
    Hair clips of differrent sizes with differently shaped elements made of sequins and beads.
  • Hair Clips
  • Hair net
    Different kinds of hair nets for bun: hand-made, with beads, invisible etc...
  • Glittering powder
    A fantastic glittering powder, to be fixed with hairspray on your hair or gel on your face!
  • elastic hair bands
    Several smart and easy solutions for pony tails and buns available in a vast range of colours, you will surely find the one that best matches your leotard's colour and your performance!

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SPRING elastic hair band - White

Cijena 5,00 €

White hair elastic band with white fabric flower-shaped elements and crystal metal beads. Hand Made.

'VENUS' Fuchsia hair elastic band

Cijena 4,00 €

Elastic hair band made of fuchsia elasticated fabric and fuchsia opalescent sequins.

Black hair net for chignon with Topaz Bronze beads

Cijena 5,00 €

Black hand-made crochet hair net for chignon with Topaz Bronze beads.

'SISSI' orange elastic hair band

Cijena 4,00 €

Elastic hair band made of orange lurex fabric and sequins

Silver hair net 3

Cijena 4,00 €

Hand-made crochet hair net.

Flower-shaped Black-Silver Hair Clip

Cijena 5,50 €

1 hair clip with hand-made flower-shaped element made of black sequins and bright silver beads; breadth 6 cm.

PETALO silver hair clip

Cijena 0,80 €

1 silver metal hair clip

'FUNNY' Fluo Orange Hair Band

Cijena 4,00 €

PETALO silver hair clip, length: 6 cm -

Cijena 0,90 €

1 silver metal hair clip; length: 6 cm

set of 10 brass-plated straight hair grips, length: 5 cm - 070272

Cijena 1,00 €

10-pc set of brass-plated straight hair grips; length: 5 cm

A pack contains 12 small ponytail holders

Cijena 0,70 €

1 pack contains 12 elstic ponytail holders: 2 pink and gold, 2 red and gold, 2 blue and gold, 2 violet and gold, 2 black and gold Ponytail holder's diameter (not extended): 4,5cm.Ponytail holder's gauge: 2 mm

Brownish orange glittering powder

Cijena 4,00 €

6-gram box of brownish orange glittering powder